Thursday, January 16, 2014

Draft Minutes from the 2014 Annual Meeting

Please Click Here to review minutes from the 2014 Meeting of the Self Power Rail Car Technologies Subcommittee.  

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Minutes from the 2013 Annual Meeting

Please click here for minutes from the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Self Powered Rail Car Committee

Monday, December 30, 2013

History of the TRB Rail Transit Committee and all it's "offspring"

The TRB Rail Transit Systems Committee (AP065) has been working on a project to record the history of the committee, which also includes information regarding the origins of the standing committees which trace their roots to the Rail Transit Systems Committee.  

The report, prepared by Dave Phraner, former chair and Emeritus Member of AP065, has now reached a substantial level of completion.  But is not yet final.  If you are interested in the history of the committee(s)  please read the paper, and respond with any comments that you may have.  It would be appreciated it if you could comment no later than Monday, January 6, 2014.

Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 Annual Meeting Agenda

David O. Nelson, Chairman | Secretary, Vacant

1.   Minutes from Annual Meeting January 15, 2013
a.      None available. The subcommittee desperately needs a secretary.  About 8 hours of work per year. 

2.   Discussion Topics
a.   Recent Developments involving Compliant Cars
                                          i.     Trinity Railway Express: Opened December 1996 with a fleet of 13 refurbished Budd RDCs.  These vehicles were “mothballed” in favor of push-pull consists.  Leased to Denton for the early opening of A Train service but are now reported all out of service
                                         ii.     South Florida Tri-Rail:  Opened 1989 with push pull equipment.  Added four DMUs and 2 trailers to fleet in 2007. Three of the DMUs and two trailers are in regular service.  Fourth DMU, poised was delivered inoperable in 2007 is now reportedly being readied for service
                             iii.    Portland West Side Express: Opened February 2009.  Set ridership record of 1,750 average daily boardings in May 2012 with a fleet of 3 DMUs and one trailer. Two Budd RDCs have been acquired as backup rollingstock.
                            iv.    Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit:.  Slated to open in late 2016.  First vehicles will arrive in 2014.  Geographic scope scaled back due to fiscal constraints.  Initial system will be 36 miles with 9 stations and six 2-car trains.
                                         v.     GO Transit: Union Pearson Express slated for 2015 opening making 14.5 mile journey between Union Station and Pearson Airport in 25 minutes with two intermediate stops with a fleet of 18 DMUs
                 b.   Recent Developments involving European Design Cars
                               i.        Ottawa O-Train: Opened October 2001.  Ten years later it carries 13,400 weekday riders with a fleet of nine cars. OC Transpo had 18-week shutdown May through August for a $59-million service expansion with new rolling stock and shorter peak headways. 
                              ii.        New Jersey Transit RiverLINE Opened March 2004.  Now serving 9,750 weekday boardings in 2013 with a fleet of 21 vehicles.
                                        iii.          Oceanside Escondido Sprinter Opened March 2008.  70 day shut down in spring of 2013 for vehicle braking problems. Service now fully restored.  Weekday ridership climbed to 8.500 in Nov 2013 with a fleet of 12 vehicles
                                       iv.          Austin’s Capital MetroRail: Launched March 22, 2010.  Now serving 2,800 boardings per day with a fleet of six vehicles.
                                         v.          Denton TX A-Train:  New Stadler Cars in service starting in 2012.  A-train carries 2,000 passengers on typical weekday with a fleet of 11 new Stadler cars.
                                       vi.          SF eBART:  10 mile end-to-end DMU extension of BART rapid transit service in the median of limited access highway.  Construction underway.  Two stations.  Bid received for 8 vehicles with options for up to 14 total DMUs.  Revenue service in 2016.
                                       vii.        Plans for other systems?
a.      ACE Considering conversion to DMU for reasons of economics and performance.  “ACE hopes to eventually extend services to Sacramento and Merced while replacing the existing diesel locomotive – one locomotive per eight coaches, traveling top speed of 79 mph – to that of the Diesel Multiple Unit. Each DMU train is self propelled with top speeds between 110 to 125 mph and performance not affected by train length.”  
b.      Boston Considering reintroduction of DMUs on up to six commuter rail corridors

                          c.        Possible change in Subcommittee Name
a.      Return to Diesel Multiple Units Subcommittee?

3.   Research Plan and Agenda
                               i.    Empirical analysis of DMU Economics

                              ii.    How Alternative Compliance has affected fleet decisions of North American transit providers?

                         iii.    Other suggestions

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2013 Annual Meeting Agenda

West Side Express SPRC in Oregon

AP070(1) Self-Powered Rail Car Technologies Subcommittee
Joint Subcommittee of AP070 and AR020
Tuesday January 15 8:00AM- 9:45AM 
Kalorama: Washington Hilton, Washington, DC
David O. Nelson, Chairman 
Secretary, Vacant